Get to know Annyck Benth - Fashion Photographer

We get to know a little bit about Annyck Benth's world and the things she loves. We absolutely love her work which you may have seen yourself, especially on Instagram. Annyck, along with Bali is on our hit list for 2023 and we look forward to hopefully working with her in the near future. 
Where are you based?
Bali the Island of Gods, but traveling around the world mostly.
Take us back to where it all started? 
I quit school in the middle of doing my A Level when I was 20, grabbed my car and my camera, moved away from my hometown to fulfil my dream of photography and here we are!
12 years later, 16.000km away from the country I grew up but never really called home. Lived in Berlin for most of my career, travelled around the world for my jobs and I found my peace in Bali, where I left my heart in over 6 years of traveling here back and forth. Why Bali? If you not have been to Bali, or Asia in general and seen these happy faces all day - you have to go! You will understand! 
Favourite shoot location?
Uluwatu area but also the mountains, or the black beaches north west of Bali, but also Ireland,
Spain or Lofoten, Norway. 
Really depends on the concept of each client or magazine. 
Each location has its own magic. Same counts for Studio - I love working in the Studio and create sets and light.
Favourite Mamph pieces?
Definitely the outstanding Ditsy Bra Cup Top
What inspires you most?
Take a closer look.
Any travel plans?
Tokyo and Australia are on my TOP 5 List for 2023
Who would be a dream client to work for?
Instagram @annyck