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Lori Mckenzie 
How old are you now and when did you start modeling?
I am 24 years old, turning 25 this year in September (Virgo). I started modelling at the young age of 12, doing catalogue shoots and shopping centre parades. From there it developed into being sign with my first agency. At the age of 18 (fresh out of high school) I accepted my first international contract, and went on to live in India for 6 months. 2 years down the track I accepted another international offer, which took me over to London for 6 months - where I was so grateful to have the opportunity to work with some pretty incredible clients. Since then London has felt like a second home and I have done multiple trips back there.
How did you get into modelling? Was it a long process?
My parents actually! (That’s how they met) They both have a modelling history, my dad was signed with Vivien’s here in Brisbane working for various Australian clients over the years, and walked in fashion week multiple times. So I think it was only natural they encouraged me to give it a go.
How do you juggle being a model and interior design student?
And full time work in an architecture firm! It’s a lot! Unfortunately I am a stress head and at times it is very overwhelming. However, organisation and time management is key for me, I have monthly calendars where I write down my deadlines, project and events. I also loveeeee a daily and weekly checklists I just love the satisfaction of crossing things off a list.
How are you finding interior design? Any love or hates?
I LOVE it! I find all disciplines of the design industry so intriguing and I love the positive influences it can have. Creativity and working with likeminded people is something that gives me happiness and I am so grateful to be able to project my creative flare with both of my jobs.
Is there any routine you have set to prepare for a shoot?
Not overly anything different from my day to day… however I like to make sure my skin is ready for a full day of makeup…. So the night before I will do a tea tree mask and leave it on overnight, I just find that the next day my skin is glowy, radiant and hydrated ready to go. I do always try and have a good size breakfast usually eggs and avocado on toast orrrrr a big bowl of yoghurt with granola and fruit. As much as it looks all glitz and glamour, modelling is a high energy job and does get exhausting, sometimes you are shooting upwards of 100 changes in 35 degree heat, so I always take water, and some snacks I can eat on the go.
Being a model and staying so fit and healthy, any tips for keeping on track?
As much as I would love to say I currently work out every day… I don’t! No excuse but sometimes life and work takes the forefront and for the last few months that has been the case for me. Funny this question has come up though, because as of next week I am booked into Pilates twice a week for the next 3 months! The centre I have just joined also has a pool and tennis courts so I am getting back into swimming (YAY). I use to swim in a squad when I was younger and I absolutely loved it, swimming is such a great one for maintaining your fitness. So ‘watch this space’ as health and fitness is a goal of mine for this year.
What does a normal day look like for you?
Currently a day for me looks like… Up at 6am, breaky, cuddles with my puppy, work (architecture firm), home, take the puppy for a run to the park, assignments (for Uni), catch up on emails (modelling work) andddddd sleep.
What do you like in a bikini? Any specific style, colour, or details?
Ohhhh I loveee a cheeky bum and classic tri top…
What was your favourite Mamph piece?
I recently got the Day dreamer bra cup top and Day dreamer bottoms, a top I wouldn’t usually go for as it’s a full coverage bra cup however, I loveeee it! The shape is so flattering for all sizes, with a gorgeous feature cut and the print used has my name written all over it.
Lastly, your must have summer or beach essentials ?
I mean a cute bikini is a must for summer! I finally got a beach umbrella for Christmas and I am obsessed with it, so I’m going to have to go with that… Beach umbrella. Oh and a good tanning oil, my skin gets super dry at the beach, so if I’m out in the sun I love using an oil, bail body is a great one not to mention they smell divine. 

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